Spirals with Tomato Sauce and Smoked Paprika Powder La Chinata

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NETASA, family-owned business based on Plasencia in Spain and focused on manufacturing and marketing of their well-known Smoked Paprika Powder “La Chinata”, is proudly to show a new useful technique of their product to prepare a recurrent recipe of “Spirals With Tomato Sauce and Smoked Paprika Powder”, within the promotional campaign of “Practical usages”.





Ingredients for 4 people:

-320 gr. of spirals

-300 gr. of cherry tomatoes

-1 medium onion

-1 glass of white wine

-4 dried ñora peppers "La Chinata"

-1 teaspoon of sweet smoked paprika powder "La Chinata"

-Fresh feta cheese

-Chopped parsley


-Black pepper

-Olive oil



-First, we must dip into water the dried ñora peppers.

-Meanwhile, we peel and sting the onion very thin, we fry it well with a little bit of olive oil, we add the white wine, and we let it in the fire so to be reduced.

-When the dried ñora peppers are tender, we open them and we remove the meat from them with the help of a knife, we add this meat to the onion fry, we add the sweet smoked paprika powder “La Chinata” and the cherry tomatoes already cut by half, we mix it a little bit and we let it cook for 5 or 6 minutes. We sprinkle it with salt and pepper and we reserve it.

-We boil the pasta in a pot with water and salt for 8 minutes approximately; we strain it and mix it with the previous sauce.

-Finally we add the feta cheese and the chopped parsley.


Smoked Paprika

The 70 Gr. tin is the perfect one to know the characteristic of our Smoked Paprika and for little consumptions. Easy use. It will not take any space in your kitchen.

We also recommend it as a gift for your friends who love delicatessen food.

Available in its Sweet, Bittersweet and Hot varieties. 


These Ñora Peppers are ideal to provide flavour, colour and aroma to many recipes such as rice dishes, fish and meat stews, lentils or sauces. You can use them directly. You can also hydrate them with water and after that the flesh can be scraped out. With the Ñora Peppers we elaborated our Sweet Smoked Paprika Powder. Net weight: 25 gr / 0,88 oz

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