Arugula and Lamb’s Lettuce salad with Baked Potato and Paprika Dressing

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2 medium potatoes

100g of arugula or rocket salad

50g of lamb's lettuce

100g of cooked chickpeas

60g of bacon


Extra virgin olive oil

1/2 of lemon juice

Flakes of Sweet Smoked Paprika Powder "La Chinata"



The first thing we are going to do is bake the whole potatoes with skin in a cooking pot with water and salt, until soft, we check the cooking by poking the potato with the knife point. Once they are ready, we drain them and let them completely cool. Then we remove the skin and cut the potato into medium dices. We reserve in a plate.

On the other hand, we sauté the chickpeas in a pan with a little bit of olive oil, until they are lightly brown. We reserve in a plate.

We cut the bacon slices into pieces and repeat the same steps as for the chickpeas and reserve as well.

We clean and drain well the arugula and the lamb's lettuce unless you bought them already packed.

In a small bowl we put a nice stream of extra virgin olive oil, we add the Flaked of Sweet Smoked Paprika Powder "La Chinata" at taste, we also add a pinch of salt and a little stream of lemon.

With the help of kitchen bars, we mix it well until emulsified.

We mix the arugula with the lamb's lettuce and we distribute them into four plates or serving bowls. We place above the potato dices and then the fried chickpeas and the bacon.

We finish the recipe by adding the dressing that we made with the paprika flakes.


*NOTE: This salad can be made in a lot of different versions, we can replace the vegetables at taste, for instance, we could use watercress, baby spinach or broccoli, which is also a perfect combination.

For the lightly crispy touch, we can use the fried chickpeas or also some fried white beans, fried corn or even just some croutons.

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