Bacalao al estilo Sichuan con Pimentón Ahumado Dulce / Sichuan style cod fish with smoked sweet paprika La Chinata

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Michel Pujol-Soulet, residente en Foshan, en la provincial de Guangdong en China, nos presenta su Bacalao al estilo Sichuan con Pimentón Ahumado Dulce”, como prouesta para el concurso  internacional de recetas que concluye este próximo viernes.

Michel Pujol-Soulet that lives in Foshan in the Chinese Gunagdong province has created a superb Sichuan style cod fish with smoked sweet paprika La Chinata” recipe for our International Contest that will end next Friday.


Sichuan peppercorn


   1 teaspoon


Peanut oil


   3 dl

Peanut kernel


   1 teaspoon

Sweet dry chili (sliced)

  10 grams


Angel hair


  20 grams

Fresh cod fish (cubed)

120 grams


La Chinata smoked paprika

   1 teaspoon


Sunflower oil


   1 dl

Fresh ginger (sliced)


   1 teaspoon

Garlic (sliced)


   1 teaspoon

Black bean paste


   1 teaspoon

Oyster sauce


   1 teaspoon

Soy sauce


   1 teaspoon


La Chinata smoked paprika

   1 teaspoon

Amontillado  Sherry


   2 Tablespoons


Spring onion


   1 tablespoon



   2 sprigs



Roast the Sichuan peppercorns in a hot wok until they are fragrant; remove from the heat, grind to a powder in a mortar and reserve.

In the same wok, add the peanut oil and fry the peanuts; remove from the oil, drain them on a paper towel and reserve for further use, then fry the sweet chili to a crisp, remove, drain on a paper towel and also reserve.

With the help of 2 ladles, fry and form the angel hair into a crisp basket then reserve the basket for further use.


Strain the oil to remove impurities, return to the wok and deep fry the codfish delicately so the cubes do not fall apart; drain the fish cubes, discard the oil, sprinkle the fish with La Chinata sweet smoked paprika powder and reserve aside.

Heat the wok again over high heat; add the sunflower oil, the ginger, garlic, black bean paste, oyster sauce, soy sauce, Sichuan pepper powder, stir fry briskly, add the codfish and delicately stir-fry until  the codfish is cooked.

Sprinkle with another teaspoon of La Chinata sweet smoked paprika powder, flame with Amontillado sherry and place inside the angel hair basket. Top with the roasted peanuts, cilantro and sprinkle with sliced spring onion.


NB: The recipe does not need seasoning; let the sauces, the spices and La Chinata smoked paprika take care of that.

If you do not have a wok, you will obtain the same taste with a black frying pan as long as it is not Teflon covered.


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