Goulash with Smoked Paprika Powder La Chinata

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One week more, NETASA, family-owned business based on Plasencia in Spain and focused on manufacturing and marketing of their well-known Smoked Paprika Powder “La Chinata”, offers a new proof of the universal nature of their product to prepare a recipe of “Goulash with Smoked Paprika Powder”. This recipe is one well-known not only in Hungary but also in most of the Eastern European countries; the composition takes advantages of La Chinata Dried Peppers, too. 





Ingredients for 4 people:

1 kgr. of beef

50 gr. of lard

2 big onions

2 medium sized potatoes

3 ripe tomatoes

3 smoked dried peppers "La Chinata"

2 teaspoon of sweet smoked paprika powder "La Chinata"

2 teaspoon of hot smoked paprika powder "La Chinata"

Salt and pepper

2 l. of beef broth




First, soak the smoked dried peppers, so they soften.

Meanwhile, we cut in dice the meat, discarding the fat; we sprinkle it with salt and pepper, and then dip it in flour.

In a casserole on the fire we put the lard, when melted, we put the meat, we increase the heat and brown it everywhere, we remove the meat in a plate and we reserve it.

In the same casserole, we fry until soft the onions already peeled and cut into strips, we add the peeled and diced tomatoes and then the beef broth.

When hot, we add the meat, drain the peppers, open them by half and take off the meat with the help of a knife, also add this meat along with the two smoked paprika powder "La Chinata", let it cook 1 hour and add the potatoes already peeled and cut in big dice.

We let it cook on a slow heat for 1 more hour, until the meat is tender.

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