Mexican Fajitas with Chicken and Vegetables

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8 wheat tortillas

500g of cleaned chicken breasts

1 green pepper

1 red pepper

1 yellow pepper or orange pepper

1 onion

Extra virgin olive oil



1 garlic clove

Salt, black pepper, and grounded cumin

Flakes of Sweet Smoked Paprika "La Chinata"

1 chily pepper (optional)



8 pear tomatoes very ripped

1/2 onion

1 medium green pepper

1 jalapeño pepper (if you like it spicy)

2 chopped garlic cloves

1/2 glass of water

1 tablespoon of tomatoe paste

Salt and grounded black pepper

Extra virgin olive oil

Flakes of Sweet Smoked Paprika "La Chinata"

1/2 bunch of chopped fresh cilantro





We chop into very little pieces the green pepper, the onion, and if you want a spicy touch, a jalapeño pepper. We fry it in a skillet with olive oil at low heat until all of the ingredients are tender, then we add the chopped garlic and we let it cook for some more minutes.

We also cut into very little pieces the tomatoes and add them to the skillet and also some water. When it starts boiling we add the tomatoe paste, salt and black pepper, and we fry it all at low heat for about 7-8 more minutes. Then we turn off the heat and add the Flakes of Sweet Smoked Paprika "La Chinata". We mix it all well and then we add the cilantro.

We reserve in a sauce boat.



If we have the whole chicken breasts, we cut them into slices and then into stripes of approximately 1cm.

In a bowl we prepare a mix with the finely chopped garlic clove, salt, black pepper and cumin.

We dip the chicken stripes inside the bowl and mix it well with the mix. We reserve in the same bowl.

We peel the onion and cut it into thin stripes and we also reserve.

We place a skillet and a wok (if we do not have a wok we can use a skillet) in the heat with some olive oil. When its warm we place the chicken stripes into the skillet and the onion with some salt into the wok. We let the onion cook for 6-7 minutes at low heat. When the chicken is golden and almost ready, we add Flakes of Sweet Smoked Paprika "La Chinata", and if we like it spicy, we add a chily pepper. We turn the chicken over and remove it from the heat for the paprika not to burn.

Then we move the chicken with all of the juice from the skillet to the wok and we turn the heat to the minimum.

In the chicken skillet we add some more olive oil and we cook the pepper stripes until they are al dente and we move it to the wok with the rest of the ingredients. We mix it all well and reserve warm in the same wok.



We warm the wheat tortillas in the microwave, in the oven or in a skillet. Careful not to burn them.

We fill the tortillas with the chicken and the vegetables and we serve immediately with the mexican sauce.


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