Potatoes with fried eggs

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NETASA, family-owned business based on Plasencia in Spain and focused on manufacturing and marketing of their well-known Smoked Paprika Powder “La Chinata”, brings today a typical dish all over the world “Potatoes with fried eggs” with the unique touch of its Smoked Paprika Powder. Agreat recipe for being shared with family for dinner or lunch.




Potatoes with fried eggs

We cut the peeled potatoes into thin slices, the onion into stripes, and the peppers into dices of 2-3cm approximately. In a casserole with olive oil, we fry the onion until brown over a medium heat. When it is slightly cooked, we add the potatoes and the peppers. We let it all for about 10 minutes until it is well browned. We retire from the fire and put it all into a bowl with the help pf a skimmer, to drain as much oil as it is possible.

We add a stream of vinegar and a big spoon of our Smoked Paprika Powder “La Chinata” and we mix it all. In another pot we fry some eggs. We serve in a plate a big amount of potatoes and we place the eggs above. We sprinkle above the eggs a little bit more of our Smoked Paprika Powder

La Chinata”.


Add a little bit more of vinegar above the eggs. Amazing!



  • 1 onion

  • 1 red pepper

  • Virgin olive oil

  • Vinegar

  • Smoked Paprika Powder “La Chinata”


Smoked Paprika

The 70 Gr. tin is the perfect one to know the characteristic of our Smoked Paprika and for little consumptions. Easy use. It will not take any space in your kitchen.

We also recommend it as a gift for your friends who love delicatessen food.
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