Risotto with mushrooms and Sweet Smoked Paprika Powder La Chinata

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By taking advantage of seasonal mushrooms, NETASA, family-owned business based on Plasencia in Spain and focused on manufacturing and marketing of their well-known Smoked Paprika Powder “La Chinata”, is proudly to show a new useful technique of their product to prepare a recipe of “Risotto with mushrooms and Sweet Smoked Paprika Powder”, within the promotional campaign of “Practical usages”.





Ingredients for 4 people:

320 gr. of bomb rice

150 gr. of mixed mushrooms

1 medium onion



1 spoon of sweet smoked paprika powder "La Chinata"

2 l. of chicken broth

Olive oil


Black pepper

Fresh basil to decorate

A pinch of sweet smoked paprika powder "La Chinata"



First, we put the chicken broth to heat.

We peel and sting the onion very thin, and then we fry it in a pot with olive oil until soft. We clean the mushrooms and add them, letting it fry for 5 more minutes.

We incorporate the rice and the sweet smoked paprika powder "La Chinata" and we mix it all well until the rice takes some color.

When the chicken broth starts boiling, we add it little by little to the rice, letting it absorb, until the rice is perfectly cooked, then, we put the butter and the parmesan at taste, we mix it all well, we sprinkle it with salt and pepper and we remove it from the fire.


Set up:

We dispose of 4 serving plates, we paint the background of each one with a little bit of olive oil mixed with sweet smoked paprika powder "La Chinata", we place overhead the rice and we decorate with the basil.

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