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NETASA presents this “Rustic Pizza with Cherry tomato and Gorgonzola” recipe, which takes advantage of the recently launched Smoked Paprika Flakes La Chinata.


Ingredients for the dough (for about 6 people)

300g of bread flour

16g of fresh yeast

1 glass of water

16g of extra virgin olive oil

9g of salt

7g of sugar


For the rest of the ingredients

600g of cherry tomatoes, yellow, orange and red.

180g of gorgonzola cheese

Leaves of fresh basil

Sweet Smoked Paprika Powder “La Chinata”

Thyme Powder at taste

Some branches of fresh thyme

Flour to stretch the dough

Olive oil to paint the dough



In a big bowl, we dissolve and mix the fresh yeast with a little bit of water from the glass, and we let it rest for about 5 minutes.

In another big bowl, we put the flour, and we make a hole in the centre as if it was a volcano. We put inside de hole, the dissolved yeast, the sugar and the oil. We mix this with the fingers, but only the centre part, adding a little bit of the flour from the edges, then we add the salt and we mix everything with the flour with our hands. After that, we slightly knead the dough, adding little by little the rest of the water until we get a soft and sticky dough (add one more spoon of water if necessary).

Now we put the dough above the floured countertop and we knead well for about 10 minutes, until we get homogeneous, smooth and elastic dough.

We make a ball and we place it in a big container (slightly floured), we cover it, and we let it rest for about 2 hours.


After that time, we deflate the dough with our fist, we put it again above the floured countertop and we stretch it with a rolling pin, giving it round, oval or rectangular shape. We can stretch the dough more or less thin depending on our taste. Then, we place it in an oven tray with a greaseproof paper.


We wash the cherry tomatoes, dry them and fry them for some minutes in a pan with a little bit of olive oil. We let them cool and place them uniformly above the pizza base, then, we let it rest like that for about 25 minutes.


*We have fried a little bit the cherry tomatoes so that they won’t leak water during the baked.


We paint the pizza edges with a brush soaked in olive oil. We bake at 200º for about 9 minutes, but the time will depend on the thickness of the pizza and the power of the oven, so we must control the pizza base (until brown).


We remove the pizza from the oven and add the gorgonzola cheese; it will slightly melt with the waster heat. If it is necessary, we can put the pizza for 2 more minutes while the oven still hot. After that, we add the Sweet Smoked Paprika Flakes “La Chinata” by rolling the mill.


Finally, we decorate with the thyme powder, the branches of fresh thyme, and the leaves of fresh basil and a stream of olive oil. 

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