Shoulder of Pork with turnip tops and baked potatoes

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4 medium potatoes

800g of fresh turnip tops

1 piece (about 400g) of shoulder of pork braised.


Flakes of Sweet Smoked Paprika "La Chinata"

Extra virgin olive oil



In the first place, we wash well the turnip tops with water to remove the stain. In this recipe we keep the leaves but discard the stem, although they are totally edible. We only keep the best leaves.

We scald the leaves in a pot with water for about 2 minutes, to remove a little bit the bitterness. We strain them and then we finally boil them in the same pot with some water and salt for about 10 minutes.

On the other hand we boil the whole potatoes with the skin in a pot with water and salt, we check the cooking by pricking the potatoe with the knifepoint. We strain them and let them cool a little bit. When it is possible, we remove the skins from the potatoes and cut them into slices not too thin. We reserve.

With a sharp knife we cut the shoulder of pork into small slices but also not too thin.

To prepare the dish we place the turnip tops on the base, we add the slices of baked potatoe above and finally the shoulder of pork.

Above all we pour a good amount of olive oil and some Flakes of Sweet Smoked Paprika "La Chinata". We serve immediately.



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