Stuffed Beef Round with La Chinata PREMIUM Smoked Paprika Powder - Xmas recipe

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The Christmas season is already here and NETASA is pleased to present its own view of the classic “Stuffed Beef Round”, a tasty recipe intended for the next family events. An ideal one to be served as a main meal, it’s been made with the PREMIUM Sweet Smoked Paprika


A fresh and unique product

Smoked Paprika is a unique vegetal spice, which offers many antioxidant properties without any contraindication, it provides a fresh flavor and, at the same time, it can be used as a substitute or complementary of salt when needed.

The firm exports the smoked paprika powder to more than 40 countries all over the world and its present at main gourmet and supermarket stores. Current main markets are UK, EEUU, Canada, France and Australia. As a high quality product main international chefs, such us Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Rick Stein and José Andrés use the product.






1 beef round of 1kg and 500gr.

2 carrots.

100gr of pearl onions.

3 ripped tomatoes.

4 cloves of garlic.

10 little potatoes.

1 glass of white wine.

Some thyme branches.

Olive oil.

A pinch of butter.

Salt and grounded black pepper.

Sweet Smoked Paprika Powder "La Chinata".


For the stuffed;

300gr of mixed minced meat.

Pine nuts.

Chopped parsley.

1 egg.

Salt and grounded black pepper.



First we place the mixed minced meat in a bowl, we add the beaten egg, the pine nuts, salt, black pepper and the chopped parsley, and we mix it all well with our hands. Alternatively, we open the beef round and we fill it with the mix of the mince meat that we have in a bowl, we wrap it and tie it with a mesh or a twine. We add salt, pepper, olive oil and Sweet Smoked Paprika Powder "La Chinata".


We place it in a platter or in a deep wide tray, and we add around it the onions, the tomatoes cut into quarters, the carrots peeled and cut into slices, and the entire cloves of garlic. We add a stream of olive oil and the glass of wine. We bake at 180º (the oven must be preheated) for 1 hour. After that time, we add to the tray the entire small potatoes already washed. We bake for 30 more minutes.


During the cooking we turn the beef round over and water it with the juice from the tray. Once it is ready, we move the tray away from the oven. We remove the mesh or twine from the beef round. We place the juice in a pot to the heat, add a small piece of butter and let it reduce and thicken. We cut the beef round in slices and serve along with the potatoes and the rest of the cooking ingredients. Finally we add the sauce above it.


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