September 2013

Garlic Soup with Smoked Paprika / Sopa de Ajo con Pimentón Ahumado

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En el blog "Magia con Microondas" han publicado una suculenta receta de Sopa de Ajo elaborado con nuestro Pimentón Ahumado, muy propia para sobrellevar los primeros fríos otoñales.


Specialized blog “Magia con Microondas” has published a tasty Garlic Soup made with our Smoked Paprika Powder, typical suggestion to endure cold autumnal weather.


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Our Smoked Paprika in / Nuestro Pimentón Ahumado en “El Buen Vivir”

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El Blog gastronómico especializado, El Buen Vivir dirigido por Juan Luis Recio, albergado en el diario online Periodista Digital ha publicado un amplio artículo sobre nuestra empresa.


Specialized gastronomic blog, “El Buen Vivir” managed by Juan Luis Recio and hosted in online daily newspaper Periodista Digital has published a wide news report about our company.


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Brand new profile on Pinterest / Nuevo perfil en Pinterest

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Today we are showing you our new Brand profile on Pinterest, an online tool “for collecting and organizing things”. On this place we will compile most of our recipes, product information, and all other can of pictures you would like to see at a glance.


Hoy os mostramos nuestro nuevo perfil en Pinterest, una herramienta online “para compilar y organizar cosas”. En este lugar recopilaremos la mayoría de nuestras recetas, información de nuestros productos y cualquier otro tipo de imágenes que os gustaría ver de un vistazo.


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Deviled Eggs with Sweet Smoked Paprika Powder La Chinata

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NETASA, family-owned business based on Plasencia in Spain and focused on manufacturing and marketing of their well-known Smoked Paprika Powder “La Chinata”, presents a new useful technique for taking advantage of their product to prepare Deviled Eggs with Sweet Smoked Paprika Powder”. This new recipe shows the versatility, usefulness and effectiveness of this product, within the promotional campaign of “Practical usages”. This time, the recipe is based on one of the mostly used ingredients in the modern cooking, fresh eggs, garnished with mustard, mayonnaise, black pepper and our Sweet Smoked Paprika Powder to create an easy to make and nutritive dish.



6 fresh eggs

1 teaspoon of old mustard

2 teaspoon of mayonnaise

Sweet Smoked Paprika Powder "La Chinata"


Black pepper

Curly parsley to decorate



Boil the eggs in a saucepan with water and salt for 12 minutes. When ready, cool them in water.

We peel and cut the eggs in half, removing carefully the egg yolk in a bowl, and keeping the egg white in a plate.

With the help of a fork, crush all of the egg yolk and start adding the mustard, the mayonnaise, and then the salt and pepper to taste. We mix it all right and then we fill the egg white with it (we can do it with a pastry bag for a better result).

Finally, sprinkle the sweet smoked paprika powder "La Chinata" for the perfect touch, and decorate with the curly parsley.


Our Smoked Paprika in The Guardian / Artículo en el Diario The Guardian

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El periódico británico The Guardian en su versión online publicó hace tiempo un artículo acerca del pimentón ahumado, en el que detallaba la historia de su elaboración y además de su consideración de que el mejor Pimentón Ahumado proviene de Extremadura, para acabar detallando el origen de nuestra marca La Chinata, además de ofrecer consejos prácticas.


Digital version of the British daily newspaper The Guardian published some years ago comprehensive news article about our Smoked Paprika Powder.

As it can be read “the very best Spanish paprika comes from Extremadura, a wild region famed for its long-legged, acorn-loving black pigs and conquistadors such as Cortez, Pizarro and de Soto. Perhaps it was such a direct link to the New World that led the astute monks from the monastery of Yuste in La Vera to introduce various hot and sweet thin-skinned peppers (Capsicum annuum) in the 16th century”.

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Our Smoked Paprika in the food board / Nuestro Pimentón Ahumado en el directorio

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Our company is listed on the Spanish online food board, a place that collects information about all kind of food products than can be classified as natural and ecological.


Nuestra compañía aparece listada en el directorio online de comida español, un espacio que recopila información acerca de todo tipo de productos alimentarios que se puedan clasificar como naturales y ecológicos.


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British Chef, Noel Roche, makes an incredible Smoked Paprika Bread / Pan con Pimentón Ahumado

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Noel Roche, a British chef from Sussex, presents its fresh and original Smoked Paprika Bread Recipe.

El chef británico, Noel Roche nos ofrece una sugerente y original receta para elaborar Pan con Pimentón Ahumado.




  • 450g of granary flour
  • 50g of plain white bread flour
  • 15ml of good extra virgin olive oil
  • 300 ml of warm water,(200ml cold and 100ml of boiling water)
  • 5g of granulated sugar
  • 4 teaspoons of smoked paprika 
  • A good pinch of Maldon sea salt
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons of dried bread yeast
  • 10g of chopped rosemary leaves
  • 20g of pumpkin seeds


In a measuring jug, add the sugar to the water and mix well, whisk in the yeast and cover to activate, set aside and in a mixing bowl, combine the oil, paprika, salt, flour and rosemary together well. 

When the yeasty water starts to foam add this to the flour and stir in. 

Form a workable dough. On a floured surface begun to knees the dough, stretching and working the dough to firm the gluten strands that will give not only a great structure but allow the bread to rise and be consistent.

 When the dough is smooth and elastic, stretchy and easy to work, (about 10mins of good kneeding should do this), fold in the pumpkin seeds by stretching the dough out into a 'square' and scattering the pumpkin seeds over and folding and kneading them into the dough.

 When incorporated, place the dough on a floured surface and allow to prove, or rise, in a warm place, covered. I use my oven set to the minimum temp of 50 deg c, covering the dough with the glass bowl I mixed in leaving a gap so the dough can breathe. Leave for 45-60 mins until the dough has doubled in size. Heat the oven to 230c. 

When hot put the bread in the oven, minus the covering!! For 15 mins then reduce the heat to 200 deg c for 20-30 mins.

The bread is ready when you tap the base and it sounds hollow. Remove and cool on a wire rack.

Slice, eat and enjoy!!!

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En Eurocarne hablan de nuestra presencia en FIAL

By Prensa 19 September 2013 No comments, digital version of  Eurocarne, international meat industry magazine, have published a news about our attendance to the Spanish International Food Shows FIAL, an event that will take place on September 24-26 in Don Benito (Badajoz)


En, versión electrónica de Eurocarne, la revista internacional del sector cárnico, se hacen eco de nuestra próxima presencia en FIAL, Feria Ibérica de la Alimentación que se celebrará del 24 al 26 de septiembre en la localidad pacense de Don Benito en Badajoz.


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NETASA will be present at FIAL

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Considered as one of the most important Spanish International Food Shows, FIAL will take place on September 24-26 in Don Benito (Badajoz). We will be present there to promote our products and establish new business opportunities in terms of export to international markets.

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Meat Stew by / Carne al Toro por el Dulce Paladar

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In the Spanish blog called, El Dulce Paladar: los Fogones de Adela, they have added some days ago a superb recipe of Meat Stew, made with beef, onion, garlic, red and green peppers, carrots, crushed tomato and our Smoked Paprika Powder. You can judge for yourself the results.


El blog español El Dulce Paladar: los Fogones de Adela ha publicado hace unos días una soberbia receta elaborada con Carne al Toro, elaborada con carne de vacuno, cebollas, ajos, pimientos rojos y verdes, zanahorias, tomate triturado y nuestro propio Pimentón Ahumado. Juzga el resultado por ti mismo.

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